As far as the issues with low framerates in the game, here's a compiled list of the reasons people have been reporting for low framerates:

1. Systems running on an AMD CPU.
One of the more common causes that has been reported were from people using AMD CPU's on their machines, usually running Windows 10, but the exact cause so far is unknown.

2. / Raptr / Gaming Evolved

A software called / Raptr usually found on systems with AMD GPU's that strongly affects the game resulting in either failure to launch or very low FPS. Shutting down and even uninstalling this software is recommended

3. Bluetooth / Wireless Controllers

Sometimes using a Bluetooth Controller seems to affect the game's framerate for some reason. We still don't know the exact reason behind it, but if you stumble upon it please let us know.

4. Systems that run Windows 10 w/ Creator Update

The Creator Update from Windows seems to affect framerates on systems, regardless of GPU. We've found that reinstalling your video drivers will fix this most of the time.

5. Nvidia Geforce Experience Overlay

A few players have reported that turning off all instances of graphics overlay from Nvidia GeForce Experience drastically improves FPS.

Please note that not everyone reported their issue fixed even after trying out everything.

Some issues still elude us as we try our best to fix them, while others are out of our control.

As usual, any issues you have with the game please send them over at and we'll have a look as soon as possible.

Keep being awesome!